Cute Baby Yoda Memes Because The Internet Can't Even


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  1. Posted by ellie_it, — Reply

    People need to stop getting so mad about us calling him “baby yoda”. He doesn’t have a name, and yeah, we can call him “the child” but where’s the fun in that?

  2. Posted by aldahortenciadias, — Reply

    There was an article in a Brazilian newspaper talking about Star Wars and they mentioned the mandalorian and described it as the mandalorian ( the baby yoda serie )

  3. Posted by the25806975801127, — Reply

    a friend of mine is in love with the Mandalorian and *cough* hates Baby Yoda because he thinks it’s just a marketing tactic Disney used,, he would probably kill me and choke me with his bare hands and would fight me if I showed this to him

  4. Posted by wildhorseblaze, — Reply

    My favorite part of the show is when baby today pressed random buttons on the ship and the mando says stop and baby today literally make subcontract with him as he continues to push buttons😂😇

  5. Posted by TesseractRave, — Reply

    He's not Yaddle. He's not Yoda. You all need to face the fact that we have a new character who happens to be the same species as them.

  6. Posted by allybeth905, — Reply

    ok i might piss off some people rn but i like the Mandalorian waaay better than baby yoda...

  7. Posted by jenfam0713, — Reply

    I like Mando though. He is always trying to help people in the kinda gruff way of his ☺️

  8. Posted by sociallyawkwardguy, — Reply

    This is true. I don't even call it the Mandalorian anymore, I just call it Baby Yoda.

  9. Posted by otter_pop34, — Reply

    The show isnt just about him though. We need recognition for our Mando

  10. Posted by aval491, — Reply

    There's a Mandalorian emoji?!😱

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